Mayer Hawthorne Seduces ‘Kimmel’ Crowd With ‘Her Favorite Song’

mayer hawthorne, jimmy kimmel live

Mayer Hawthorne doused the Jimmy Kimmel Live! outdoor stage in retro-soul last night (August 7), performing “The Stars Are Ours” and “Her Favorite Song” off his recently released third album, the Steely Dan-influenced Where Does This Door Go. The Michigan singer shimmied and pumped his fist through the pseudo-disco of “Stars,” urging the crowd to jump along with the track’s insistent “Hey! Ho!” chant, and then settled into the loungy atmosphere of “Her Favorite Song.” Unfortunately, just like his appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last month, Hawthorne went solo on the mid-tempo “Favorite” — song collaborator Jessie Ware was nowhere in sight. Oh well, at least the Robert Palmer signifiers were present, as usual. Catch “The Stars Are Ours” above and hear “Her Favorite Song” below.



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