Kim Ann Foxman Resurrects Dead Maya Jane Coles in ‘Burning Bright’ Video

Maya Jane Coles 'Burning Bright' Video Kim Ann Foxman

England’s Maya Jane Coles released Comfort last month, and her debut album explores the out limits of house music with a deadly ear for atmosphere and melody. One of the clear standouts it “Burning Bright,” which features a vocal turn from New York dance usurper Kim Ann Foxman. “We’re a strong flame burning bright,” she cooly sings on the hook, “It’s our turn to light the night.” The song seems light enough thematically, but it gets macabre new context in video above.

As the clip begins, we see a hooded person approaching a decrepit church carrying a long-stem rose in one hand and a bag of something bloody in the other. Inside, the figure reveals herself to be Foxman as she approaches an alter nestling the lifeless body of Coles. The former grieves over her dead compatriot but soon performs a dark ritual with the plasma-dripping object she brought with: a very human-looking heart, naturally.

Need a palate-cleanser once it’s done? Revisit our interview with the up-and-coming Coles and stream her sumptuous Easier to Hide EP as well.


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