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Lou Barlow and Ryan Adams Enter Adorable Bromance

lou barlow, ryan adams, two, cover

Lou Barlow and Ryan Adams kind of fell in love with each other yesterday (August 21) after Barlow shared video of himself covering Adams’ 2007 song “Two.” The Sebadoh frontman/Dinosaur Jr. bassist posted his spare, tender rendition of the ballad, from Adams’ Easy Tiger LP, on YouTube, declaring it his “favorite song” for the past eight months. Barlow then tweeted the link out, prompting Adams to respond thusly: “I met u in Chapel Hill at a [Dinosaur Jr.] show (Finger opened) I was 17 & you snuck me in. I met [Mac McCaughan] at that show.”

The Heartbreaker scribe continued, “Thank you for that. You changed my life 4ever. I’m recording [Jenny Lewis] tonight and make records because of that gesture.” Barlow replied in kind: “fuckin’ ay..i had no idea.. i want ‘easy tiger’ on vinyl so bad i can taste it.”

And then came the most endearing bits:

All in all, it was a much more positive interaction than Adams’ recent spat (or “liberal Twitter tirade”) involving Fox News’ Sean Hannity. Barlow promised to cover more songs and upload them online, so hopefully we’ll get to witness more magic like this in the future. Until then, check out his version of “Two” above.