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Los Campesinos! Rise Again on Tenacious ‘What Death Leaves Behind’

Welsh indie rockers turn optimistic on track from fifth album 'No Blues'

Los Campesinos! are frequent practitioners of gallows humor. You know, the kind where a protagonist will be asked to leave a slaughterhouse because his eyes are too sad. But with the Welsh group’s new album No Blues, things might be looking up. Oh, on new single “What Death Leaves Behind,” they’re still as morbid as the song’s title advertises: The characteristically wordy opening line includes the phrase, “You are my shallow grave, I’ll tend you as a sexton.” But as the album’s title — and bright pink cover — would indicate, the song is at heart optimistic. “WE WILL FLOWER AGAIN,” rings out the glowing climax. The all-caps are pulled verbatim from the lyrics attached to the song on Soundcloud, but you can hear them in the song’s stubborn determination, too.

No Blues will be out October 29 in the U.S. on Wichita Recordings.

Los Campesinos’ No Blues track list:

1. For Flotsam
2. What Death Leaves Behind
3. A Portrait Of The Trequartista As A Young Man
4. Cemetary Gaits
5. Glue Me
6. As Lucerne/The Low
7. Avocado, Baby
8. Let It Spill
9. The Time Before The Last Time
10. Selling Rope (Swan Dive To Estuary)