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Laura Marling Unsheathes Cutthroat ‘Master Hunter’ on ‘Letterman’

laura marling, david letterman, master hunter

Laura Marling bore down on the Late Show With David Letterman last night (August 26). The British folkie played a faithfully no-frills version of “Master Hunter,” a Bob Dylan-nodding highlight from her latest full-length triumph, Once I Was an Eagle. Armed with just her guitar (the sex-simulating dancers from the song’s video sat this one out), Marling turned in a spry rendition of the love-spurned track. “I cured my skin,” she sang with a slight snarl, strumming furiously. “Now nothing gets in.” It’s a fierce performance that deserves to be seen — unfortunately, an ongoing dispute between Letterman’s network, CBS, and Time Warner Cable is keeping the talk show off the air for millions of viewers in New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas, as Rolling Stone notes. Play catch-up with the clip above.