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Kim Deal Gently Buries the Past in ‘Are You Mine?’ Video

Kim Deal 'Are You Mine?' Solo Song Video

For the third installment in her ongoing solo series, former Pixies star Kim Deal continues in the lullaby-like vein of her last B-side, “Likkle More.” The delicate “Are You Mine?” sports an almost child-like innocence, with the Breeders leader singing over sparse guitar and muted drums: “Let me go where there’s no memory of you / Where everything is new and nothing is true.”

The accompanying video also takes a simple approach, showing different shots of porcelain figurines illuminated by shimmering lights, doubling down on the track’s fragile air. Like “Walking With a Killer” and “Hot Shot” before it, Deal is offering up the song on 1,000 limited edition 7-inch singles with “Wish I Was” on the flip side — or you can purchase it from the usual digital retailers.

Meanwhile, recent SPIN cover stars the Breeders are continuing their 20th anniversary celebration of Last Splash, with tour dates stretching through October. They’ll release the 180-gram vinyl LSXX deluxe edition — which adds singles, demos, a BBC session, and a live performance — on September 2 via 4AD. Though Deal has parted with her other beloved band, you can find her in our in-depth 2004 Pixies feature.