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See Ke$ha’s Dance Squad Out-Troll the Westboro Baptists

Ke$ha Westboro Baptists Dancers We R Who God Hates

Members of the repugnant Westboro Baptist Church were greeted with a pleasant surprise while picketing Ke$ha’s Lincoln, Nebraska, show on Sunday night (August 18). Before the concert, the group assembled with their well-known, disgustingly homophobic signs and proceeded to hit play on their very own parody version of the pop starlet’s single “We R Who We R.”

As it turns out, Ke$ha was two steps ahead of them (which is saying something) and had sent three of her tank-topped male dancers to sync up their moves to the Westboro’s perversion of her empowerment anthem. In the clip above, you can see them executing their routine while protesters shout along to “God Hates Who You Are.” It’s a masterfully executed trolling that may inspire less noxious haters to take a second look at last year’s Warrior.

A lyrical lowlight from the slut-shaming, anti-gay WBC version: “Dear Lord, burn it up! / It’s about that time to finish up / We’re so sick of their filthiness / They makin’ it all lascivious / We’re just talkin’ truth / We’re tellin’ you bout the sins you do.”