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Californi-K-tion: K-Pop Museum Beams Holograms Into Hollywood

SM Entertainment continues "hallyu" quest to spread South Korean culture around the world

Decades from now, when your grandchild begins to discover music on their own and asks, “What’s a K-pop?,” you’ll be able to direct him to Los Angeles’ SMTOWN Museum, a new site dedicated to preserving the genre’s culture and history.

Established by, and named for, K-pop conglomerate SM Entertainment — the business behind Girls’ Generation and BoA — the museum will feature a trove of K-pop music videos, fashion, a Korean restaurant, and, yes, a “hologram room,” according to the LA Times. It’s unclear which stars or groups will appear to virtually as of now.

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“We’ve been planning for a long time to create a place where residents in Hollywood could experience hallyu,” SM Entertainment said in a statement, referring to the Korean name of the increasing influx of South Korean culture on the world. “But we decided that it was more meaningful to bring U.S. residents and tourists who were interested in hallyu to L.A.’s Koreatown.”

We’ll just assume the museum will use our 21 Greatest K-Pop Songs of All Time list as a reference guide.