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Watch Jenny Wilson Dance to the Apocalypse in ‘Autobiography’ Video

Jenny Wilson

Swedish pop composer Jenny Wilson will finally return this fall with the proper follow-up to her 2009 sophomore album, Hardships!. The upcoming full-length, Demand the Impossible!, takes its title from an inspirational slogan spray-painted by students during the 1968 Paris uprisings: “Be realistic, demand the impossible!”

“What else can one do when you’re a citizen in a society that’s fucked up?” Wilson asks in a statement. Of course, her answer is to demand the impossible.

The one-time Knife associate connects the political frustrations behind that call-to-arms with her own personal struggles. In the years between her two most recent LPs, Wilson conquered breast cancer. “My body became a society in disorder,” she explains. “I had to rise, had to fight, had to start a rebellion against it.”

Now, with her next record due October 30, the singer-songwriter/producer has shared the official music video for robo-pop tune “Autobiography,” the first single from Demand the Impossible! Co-directed and edited by Wilson and creative partner Daniel Wirtberg, the clip presents an apocalyptic reality, a shadowy world where sirens blare through the night and mushroom clouds color the sky. Watch it above.