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Listen to Future Tell the Truth on Gritty ‘Honest’

It's the first single from upcoming his album of the same name

Future — who we sat down with in January — released his debut album Pluto last April, but he’s already recorded its follow-up, Honest, scheduled to drop November 26. This year has been one of ubiquity for the Atlanta Auto-Tune re-revivalist, who’s ruled rap radio with crooning hits “Love Me,” “Karate Chop,” “Bugatti,” “Tapout,” and — exhale — “U.O.E.N.O.” And don’t forget Ciara’s career-saving “Body Party,” which Future co-wrote. Only one of those songs are technically his, but the cumulative success speaks for itself.

“Honest” is the eponymous lead single from the new one, and it finds Future copping the concept of “U.O.E.N.O.,” circling back to the word “honest” at the end of nearly every line, whether for a lament or a boast: “I’m nothing but a dope boy, I’m just being honest / These niggas getting shot for being honest / I fucked her on the spot, I’m just being honest.”

But he doesn’t just ride out the concept: He throws epically elongated “I tell the truth” backing vocals under a beat that almost approximates bird chirps and hits a piano-driven outro that is almost mournful. The man can write a damn song — but that was obvious a long time ago.

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