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Did Frank Ocean Shade Chris Brown on Earl Sweatshirt’s ‘Sunday’?

Earl Sweatshirt, 'Doris,' "Sunday," Frank Ocean, Chris Brown

Earl Sweatshirt collaborated on Frank Ocean track “Super Rich Kids” for channel ORANGE, SPIN’s 2012 Album of the Year, but neither is super rich yet by pop standards. Chris Brown is. Ocean’s team-up with Sweatshirt for the back-from-Samoa rapper’s second solo album Doris, out next week, has surfaced online, and it’s hard to mistake the shots it takes at Brown. Bleary and becalmed, “Sunday” sets rapped verses from Sweatshirt and Ocean atop rolling live drums, noodly electric guitar, and restrained organ.

Ocean is best known as a singer, of course, but the Odd Future member has rapped on tracks like online-only “Blue Whale” and The O.F. Tape Vol. 2 finale “Oldie.” Ocean’s January brouhaha with Brown, which recently led to a lawsuit against the former teen idol, has already inspired a written dis in “Versace” remix form. Here, building on an unhurried Sweatshirt verse that leads to a chorus about (paradoxically) quitting pot, Ocean rhymes, “Forgot you don’t like it rough, I mean he called me a faggot / I was just calling his bluff /I  mean how anal am I gon’ be / When I’m aiming my gun / And why’s his mug all bloody, that was a three-on-one? / Standing ovation and Staples I got my Grammys and gold.” As Fuse points out, that January scuffle happened on a Sunday, and Ocean has already made reference to Brown conspicuously staying seated while the crooner accepted his Urban Contemporary Album Grammy at the Staples Center. Hmm.

Earl Sweatshirt has already shared an impressive chunk of Doris, including the detached “Chum,” Tyler, the Creator-assisted “Whoa,” Mac Miller-assisted “Guild,”  and “Hive,” which features guests Vince Staples and Casey Veggies. More recently, the Pharrell-produced “Burgundy” hit the blogs. Earl is fresh off a performance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Ocean is set to co-headline November’s OFWGKTA Carnival with Tyler. Both Ocean and Sweatshirt have had health problems recently. Come to think of it, so, reportedly, has Brown, who recently tweeted about quitting music and then deleted those tweets. 

Listen to “Sunday” over at RapRadar

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