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Diarrhea Planet Eat Brains in ‘Spring Breakers’-Inspired ‘Separations’ Video

diarrhea planet, separations, i'm rich beyond your wildest dreams

Diarrhea Planet’s explosive sophomore album — the cheekily titled I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams — officially drops today (August 20), and the Nashvillian six-piece are celebrating with a freakish pool party in the new video for “Separations,” one of the LP’s many shred-happy highlights. As MTV Hive notes, the clip’s hazy, druggy scene was somewhat inspired by Harmony Korine’s beachside nightmare, Spring Breakers.

“We had so many colored lights and lots of fog machines,” said lead singer Jordan Smith. “We had fog billowing everywhere, trying to capture the lights and try to make everything look more colorful “One of the things we talked about when we were filming it is we were trying to make it look like Spring Breakers.”

No, there aren’t any automatic weapons, Gucci Mane cameos, alleged Riff Raff rip-offs, or bits of gratuitous nudity, but there are some sparklers, lots of guitars, and one instance of cannibalism. Watch it all above, and stream all of I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams right here at SPIN.