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Death Grips Pluck McDuck in 8-Bit ‘DuckTales’ Mashup

Noise-rap crew's "Lord of the Game" spliced with Nintendo theme

This year has yielded a glut of left-field mashups between hip-hop and video games.

Juicy J is currently streaming his latest album, the upcoming Stay Trippy, via an in-browser game that asks players to make it rain on virtual strippers. Eminem debuted his new single “Survival” by way of a gunfire-filled Call of Duty trailer. Kanye West’s 16-bit likeness appeared in the role-playing game Kanye Quest 3030. And Big Boi and B.o.B actually starred in the shoot-‘em-up title Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel.

Now comes yet another crossover geared towards rap-savvy gamers: “Duck Grips,” a hybrid of Death Grips’ “Lord of the Game” (from the nihilistic noisemakers’ 2011 debut Exmilitary) and the theme music from Nintendo’s DuckTales, the 1989 video game based on the kids’ cartoon of the same name. SoundCloud user Steven Cox strips away the stuttering vocal sample that powers Death Grips’ original war cry and drops in bleeps and bloops. The result is a 97-second track that softens Stefan Burnett’s fire-breathing bark while also setting flame to Millennials’ childhood memories.

Hear it below (via Consequence of Sound).