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Daft Punk Get Glammy With Milla Jovovich as 1997’s Idea of the Future Arrives

'Random Access Memories' robots meet 'The Fifth Element' model/actress

In 1997, Daft Punk released debut album Homework, launching a new movement in house with international smashes such as, well, “Around the World.” The same year, model/actress Milla Jovovich starred in the richly zany Bruce Willis sci-fi movie The Fifth Element. Both works promised colorful visions of the future, and now both Daft Punk and Jovovich have come together for a fashion photo shoot. Daft Punk, of course, have gone on, among other things, to release this year’s Random Access Memories, save pop music (and doom us all), and, of course, help confuse everyone about the MTV Video Music Awards. Jovovich has acted in the Resident Evil film franchise. See Daft Punk and Jovovich cuddle up together in photos by Mathieu César for CR Fashion Book, first shared by Huffington Post