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Colorado Man Raps About His Own SWAT-Team Standoff as Grenade Explodes

Adequate Advocate managed to upload this video before being arrested

A 19-year-old Colorado man recorded himself rapping about police storming his residence as police actually stormed his residence on Monday night (August 5). The aspiring MC who calls himself Adequate Advocate was eventually booked under his government name, Joshua Jackson, after Fort Collins authorities brought out the big guns — more than 15 cars, a SWAT Bearcat, and a whole bunch of flash-bang grenades. A minute into the video, an explosion can be heard.

As the Coloradoan reports, police were called after Jackson allegedly threatened his roommates with a knife — he has been charged with felony menacing. Captain Jerry Schiager told the paper the young man has “a history of resisting the police.” He had apparently been active on Facebook earlier that day, writing about the 5th Amendment and also announcing, during the standoff, that he was unarmed. His YouTube post was titled “police are trying to murder me as I write this.”

“Police think I’m a fiend. That’s why right now literally they’re outside my house,” Jackson raps in the clip above. “Because my roommates done did it. Done thought that I was a misfit. Done thought that I had my wrist slit too many times. Done thought that too many people had left my mind.” Toward the end he turns off the lights and rhymes, “Bring the motherfucking SWAT team, special weapons and tactics … I’m not a criminal, I’m political, and right now … Oh shit!”

At that moment, the room lights up and we hear a boom. Evidently no one was hurt in the standoff and Jackson was booked without further incident. He faces an August 13 court date. Here’s one of his politically inspired, Dilated Peoples-owing songs: