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‘Cinderonce,’ the Beyonce-Cinderella Mashup, Puts a Glass Slipper On It

Viral svengali Todrick Hall asks, "Who's the fiercest of them all?"

What’s more #Beyhive than a drag interpretation of the Cinderella story narrated through select tracks from Queen Beyonce’s catalog? One starring RuPaul’s Drag Race two-time contestant Shangela as Cinderoncé’s Fairy Dragmother (Hallelu!). Conceived by former American Idol contestant and viral video don Todrick Hall, it’s a Broadway-ready production and the songs are perfectly selected — feel the pain of the queen stepsisters as they try to shove their toes into the glass slipper to “Why Don’t You Love Me,” making a cheeky play on the “drag queens have big feet!” joke while putting down some grade-A campy acting. At the marquee moment, “Freakum Dress” is reimagined as the beleaguered Cinderoncé’s star turn from housekeeper to belle of the ball and muse to Prince Charming (played by Todrick Hall himself), transitioning from medieval maid outfit to a poofy blue gown worthy of a Disney princess. While we’re at it, can we petition Disney to fund a full-length of this? We know they have the money to cop the Beyoncé song rights because John Carter.

Speaking of which, Cinderoncé’s budget seems like it might have been pretty bananas for a YouTube video; the costume rental alone would have landed in the thousands, no doubt, unless Hall’s team of dancers happen to all own replicas of 18th-century ballgowns. But Hall was recently scooped up by manager/viral video cherry-picker Scooter Braun, the man who scoured YouTube to bring us Bieber and PSY, so it’s possible he received an influx of cash somewhere or another. But it’s also important not to underestimate the resourcefulness of Hall, who’s tackled the Cinderella story previously in “Cinderfella,” which starred Lance Bass as the title character and Janice Dickinson as the perfectly cast evil stepmother.

Hey, if Disney is hurting for princesses of color, we’re at least well served by Hall and his exuberant sense of camp. If you like these clips, feel free to join the ranks of his fans, the #Toddlerz.

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