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Chris Brown Beats Hit-and-Run Rap, Avoids Jail Once Again

chris brown, hit-and-run, dismissed

Chris Brown’s hit-and-run case has been officially dismissed. TMZ reports that the 24-year-old singer struck a civil compromise with the victim of his May 21 fender-bender. According to the news outlet, the motorist rear-ended by Brown’s Range Rover back in the spring did not want any money because the damage to her vehicle was “so minor” that she simply wanted the case tossed out. She got her wish, but the Los Angeles City Attorney objected to the ruling, arguing that the Fortune star was aggressive to the woman after the accident, allegedly calling her a “bitch.” 

Brown also reportedly failed to provide the woman with his contact information and insurance details following the accident. Despite these claims, a rep for Brown said last month that the other driver’s lawyer told a court “that his client did not want to press charges, that any damage was ‘negligible,’ and that Chris did identify himself at the scene and that she was given all of the appropriate insurance information.”

The L.A. City Attorney argued to a judge today (August 15) that the alleged hit-and-run was even more serious given the fact that at the time of the incident, Brown was still under felony probation for assaulting Rihanna in 2009. A judge revoked Brown’s probation last month, citing the accusation that he didn’t provide the hit-and-run victim with the necessary credentials. His probation was already under scrutiny after prosecutors alleged that he did not carry out the required community service. As SPIN previously reported, Brown has another hearing involving his probation scheduled for August 19. If he’s found guilty of violating said probation, he could face up to four years in jail.

Brown recently served some jail time in connection with the hit-and-run case — about 45 minutes behind bars, to be exact. The R&B performer was apparently booked and released without having to pay any bail. Speaking to TMZ about the freshly dismissed court case, Brown’s lawyer said, “The case never should have been filed in the first place. It’s unfortunate he was being prosecuted for who he is rather than what he’s done.” 

Who he is is someone who’s also been hit with a lawsuit relating to a January tussle with Frank Ocean and his cousin. Ocean’s cousin filed the suit, accusing Brown of battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and conspiracy to commit battery. News of the legal action came just days after Brown reportedly suffered a seizure.