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Camera Obscura’s ‘Break It To You Gently’ Video Stars Lovesick Luggage

'Desire Lines' cut gets adorably funny treatment

Camera Obscura turn up the twee in their latest video, an oh-so-adorable clip set to Desire Lines single “Break It To You Gently” that debuted on Zooey Deschanel’s HelloGiggles. Directed by Joseph Mann and shot on location in London, the four-minute short stars a runaway piece of luggage that’s been anthropomorphized to have the disposition of someone who would probably listen to the Scottish indie-pop sextet. The gentle-hearted mobile bag (which, of course, sports a Scotch pattern) rolls around the big city looking for companionship, trying to find someone, or some appliance, who understands him while fending off beer-guzzling bullies and other obstacles. Watch the mini epic above.