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Hear Busdriver’s Raving Mad Remix of Migos’ ‘Versace’


Migos “Versace” remix mania continues! This time, we’ve got Busdriver, the Los Angeles rapper and member of the legendary Project Blowed, delivering a witty rewrite produced by Riley Lake, who gently adjusts Zaytoven’s blooping beat, moving it a little more into Busdriver’s IDM-rap world. “Versachi” begins “Versace, Versace, I’m down in the lobby like Salvador Dali / I’m twisting my ‘stache and I’m getting the cash and I’m sipping on coffee,” and gets more out-there after that. Absurdist wordplay (“Dancing fancy free to Fugazi”) slams into refreshing regular dude honesty (“I can’t afford Versace”), and toward the end Busdriver stops rapping altogether, letting the track devolve into gutteral shouts and breathy exhortations, paying tribute to Migos’ own ad-lib heavy, energy-packed raps. “They only play this in Martian colonies,” Busdriver boasts of his demented riff on Migos’ hit. Sounds about right.