Black Hearted Brother Unfurl Space-Gaze on ‘(I Don’t Mean to) Wonder’

Black Hearted Brother '(I Don't Mean To) Wonder' Stream

Black Hearted Brother make some glorious noise, but it’s hardly surprising when you unpack the English trio’s lineage. Neil Halstead is, of course, the guitarist and vocalist of both Slowdive and Mojave 3. Electronics whiz Mark Van Hoen was an original member of post-rock O.G.s Seefeel (see also Locust, Scala). And Nick Holton has masterminded a project of his own — the groovy psych-folk experiment Holton’s Opulent Oog. The three men have crossed paths on various albums over the years but now they’ve one to call their own: Stars Are Our Home, out October 22 on Slumberland. Below you’ll find “(I Don’t Mean to) Wonder,” a lovely grinder that opens with an alien transmission, blooms into a billowing nebula, then retracts for a little gravity-free twisting in the ether. The song carries on like that, gushing then slowing then bursting again before wrapping up all too soon.


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