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Audacity’s Hooky ‘Hole in the Sky’ Is a ‘Miracle Song’

audacity, hole in the sky, butter knife

It’s been just over a year since Audacity unleashed their shreddy Mellow Cruisers album, and the not-so-fresh-faced young punks already have another full-length fast on the approach. Butter Knife will arrive October 29 via Suicide Squeeze Records in CD, vinyl, and digital formats. The 13-track set doesn’t feature recent noise-maker “Finders Keepers,” but it does include “Hole in the Sky,” the latest hooky tantrum from the California foursome. Speaking to Interview, drummer Thomas Alvarez said, “It’s one of those songs that sounded like shit when we were writing it, like it wasn’t coming together. It ended up sounding like a poppy, nice song. I don’t know. It fell onto our laps. It’s like a miracle song, because it did not sound that good for a long time.” 

Jump into “Hole in the Sky” below and scroll further for Butter Knife‘s cover art and track list.

Butter Knife track list: 

1. “Couldn’t Hold A Candle”
2. “Pigs”
3. “Hole in the Sky”
4. “Cold Rush”
5. “Tell Yourself”
6. “Rooster”
7. “Pick Slide”
8. “Onomatopoeia”
9. “Watered Down”
10. “Red Wine”
11. “Crying in the Limelight”
12. “Dancing Under Soft Light”
13. “Autumn”