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Disclosure’s Remix of Artful Dodger’s ‘No I Turn You On’ Inspires Massive Pie Fight

English singer Zoe Kypri features on jittery house jam

England’s 2-step OGs Artful Dodger have kept a low profile of late, but the time is right for the duo’s return. Their itchy, R&B-addled dance productions are perfectly in vogue once again — just compare 1999’s “Re-Rewind” featuring Craig David to the arty house of SPIN favorites Disclosure, and the similarities make themselves known. Considering that, who better to remix the Dodger’s latest hit than the Lawrence brothers themselves? The Settle stars have flipped “No I Turn You On” featuring Zoe Kypri, a track that appears on the jam-packed Ministry of Sound compilation, Marbella Sessions, and the Disclosure boys are perfectly at home over the jittery liquid grooves. As a bonus, the revision comes with the above clip, which documents the artful unraveling of a wedding, often in slow-motion. Okay, it’s not that artful — it’s actually quite messy, and the reason for the camera tricks explains it all. After the bride shoves some dessert in her mate’s face, an incredible food fight breaks out. Duck!