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White Hills Shred the Light Fantastic on ‘In Your Room’

White Hills 'In Your Room' So You Are So You'll Be

New York space-rock trio White Hills are set to unleash their seventh album on August 20, and So You Are… So You’ll Be looks to be a brutal ripper of the most visceral order. Below, you can hear “In Your Room,” a nearly six-minute slab that bursts out of the gate with admirable intensity, which sounds a bit terrifying even as guitarist Dave W. and bassist Ego Sensation creepily implore: “There’s no need to hide.” His whispers and her robotic response top off the chugging, roiling, relentless groove (assisted by drummer Nick Name) that occasionally mellows to make room for more menace. Seriously, just look at that wall of a waveform below — this is heavy stuff. Fittingly, the band recorded their latest with Martin Bisi (Swans, Sonic Youth, Boredoms, John Zorn), a man whose pedigree matches these sonic warriors to a T. Oh, and White Hills appear in Jim Jarmusch’s next flick Only Lovers Left Alive.

White Hills, So You Are… So You’ll Be track list:

1. “InWords”
2. “In Your Room”
3. “The Internal Monologue”
4. “So You Are… So You’ll Be”
5. “OutWords”
6. “Forever in Space (Enlightened)”
7. “Rare Upon the Earth”
8. “Circulating”
9. “MIST (Winter)”