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Vic Mensa Contemplates the Good Life in ‘Hollywood LA’ Video

Vic Mensa Contemplates the Good Life in 'Hollywood LA' Video

To those unfamiliar with Chicago’s musically rich rap scene, the arrival of Chance the Rapper may have seemed like an anomaly — his SPIN Essential Acid Rap tape certainly set him apart from pretty much every other known entity in the game. But he’s no lone wolf. Chance runs with the Save Money crew, and last month we received an outstanding offering from one of his peers, former Kids These Days vocalist Vic Mensa. “Orange Soda” combined fizzy song-rap with the sun-kissed production style of Pharcyde, and heralded the coming of Mensa’s own Innanetape, now set for an August release.

We’ve now got a second entry from that collection: “Hollywood LA,” a sweetly contemplative song about chasing ideals (love, success, great marijuana) that’s just as strong a showcase for Mensa’s lithe rhymes and shining wordplay. As for the accompanying visuals, we get all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood living, but experienced through the eyes of a dude who seems grateful for the fleeting trappings. Of course, with industry folk allegedly closing in, Vic may have his own Mulholland manor in the not-so-distant future.