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Vampire Weekend Giggle Discussing Porn, Murder, and Dating With Teens

Vampire Weekend Rookie Ask a Grown Man Interview

The ever-awesome teen blog Rookie has wrangled Vampire Weekend for the latest installment of their “Ask a Grown Man” and the results are, as always, a perfect mix of hilariously awkward and impressively insightful. For a past episode, we saw Morrissey advise young girls on nail polish selection and, naturally, the crushing truths of this mortal coil. And then Atoms for Peace pals Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich stopped by to encourage healthy body image and warn against accumulating regret.

At the start of the latest clip, Baio, reporting from England, asks Koenig if he feels like a grown man. “Not today, not particularly … but we’ve gotta start thinking like grown men, I guess.” Which he does. Ezra initially reads the first question as applying to his band, rather than dudes in general, inserting a “you” where it doesn’t belong: “Do you guys get turned off by girls who are too easy?” Thus begins the giggle-fits. For the record, Koenig doesn’t think there’s anything as “too easy.” He meant well.

The boys also discuss, as Rookie points out, “how porn is like baseball, why romance should never lead to murder … and how to ask out your crush.” Click play above to discover the various knowledge bombs that these self-described “guys’ guys” are dropping.