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TRAAMS Hide Thorny Hooks in Post-Punk Bouquet ‘Flowers’

TRAAMS 'Flowers' Stream Fatcat Records Grin

Bursting out of the gate on the back of rattling bass and motorik drums, TRAAMS’ “Flowers” initially feels like a transmission from another era. But for all of the English band’s moody Wire-like brooding, there’s a striking electric and surprisingly upbeat quality to the chorus, which hits with all the demented intensity of a great Modest Mouse hook (albeit far punkier). “I don’t even know your number,” barks singer-guitarist Stu Hopkins, “and you don’t even know my name.” But listening to the track’s Krautrock-inspired propulsion, it’s hard to imagine that such minor details made much of a difference in whatever ultimately unfolded.

“Flowers” will appear on the band’s upcoming LP, Grin, which drops September 24 on FatCat, but you can stream it here right now: