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Ski Lodge Deliver Horrific Kisses in Charmingly Bizarre ‘Boy’ Video

Jangle-pop crew's first full-length arrives in August

Ski Lodge’s video for “Just to Be Like You” started off quaintly enough: The clip, dropped back in April, opened with a young couple going away on a camping trip. Quickly, though, the piece took a sharp left turn into a bizarre suicide cult storyline that ended with bodies on the ground. Now, the Andrew Marr-led quartet have dropped another head-turning video, this one for “Boy,” the latest shimmery single to wash up from their upcoming debut album, Big Heart.

Directed by Tucker Bliss and Beau Burrows, the above short morphs from simple summer fun — just a few dudes hanging out by the 7-11, sipping Slurpees and smoking cigarettes — into sun-baked, sci-fi daydreams. “I think the video is really beautiful,” Marr told Death + Taxes. “The song itself is more or less about someone who feels like they’re suffocating and wanting to escape. I think the directors… did an amazing job of creating a dream world within the video. I think the visuals connect really well with the music.” 

Watch the surreal clip above, and scroll down for the track list to Big Heart, due August 20 via Dovecote Records.

Big Heart track list: 

1. “Anything to Hurt You” 
2. “Boy” 
3. “Looking For a Change” 
4. “Big Heart” 
5. “You Can’t Just Stop Being Cruel” 
6. “Dragging Me to Hell” 
7. “I Always Thought” 
8. “Does It Bring You Down” 
9. “Just to Be Like You” 
10. “Down on This Southern Tip” 
11. “I Can’t Tell” 

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