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Sebadoh Get Handsy in Goofy ‘All Kinds’ Video

Indie rockers celebrate the overdue moment in cut from 'The Secret'

Just because Sebadoh are putting out their first album in 14 years doesn’t mean they’re going all misty-eyed and mature on us. Okay, fine: “I Will,” the first advance track from Defend Yourself (out September 17 in the U.S. via Joyful Noise and September 16 in the U.K. via Domino), did bring a golden-years glow to its bedraggled indie rock.

“All Kinds” (from the band’s recent EP The Secret) — posted today over at Pitchfork — whizzes by with no-fucks-to-give abandon. Lou Barlow is seizing the day, knowing full well he’s a day late and probably multiple dollars short: “I may have waited too long, but I’m feeling animal strong,” he sings between descending guitar breakdowns. The track is over in less than two minutes, but that “animal strong” feeling is contagious, similar to the celebratory jolt you might get from SPIN’s 2012 Band of the Year Japandroids.

The video emphasizes the song’s goofiness, starting with a smoke in a bathroom stall — did we mention the first word in “All Kinds” is “stoned”? — and packing in plenty of footage of pets, airports, Barlow in random outfits (St. Paul, Minnesota, he sees you!), and a hand waving around in front of the camera. It’s directed by Adam Harding, who, not surprisingly, has worked with Barlow before, as well as with Warpaint, Mount Eerie, and others.

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