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Scott & Charlene’s Wedding Help a ‘Self-Destructive’ Friend on Ramshackle ‘Wild Heart’

Craig Dermody's slacker-rock project issued 'Any Port in a Storm' today

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, the brainchild of Australian slack-pop prince Craig Dermody, released their latest album today (July 22) in the U.K. via Fire Records. The 11-track Any Port in a Storm contains previously heard songs “Gammy Leg,” “Lesbian Wife,” and “Fakin’ NYC,” as well as the just-unveiled “Wild Heart.” The entire LP explores Dermody’s move from his childhood home of Melbourne to his current base of operations, New York City. According to the label, “Wild Heart” finds the singer and songwriter caring for a former roommate who was stuck on a “self-destructive path.” With strings adding to the melodic drama, Dermody doles out some tough-love wisdom, singing, “We don’t always get what we want / That’s just rock’n’roll / Don’t take it so hard, wild heart.” Hear it below, and pick up Any Port in a Storm in the U.S. on August 13.