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Roach Gigz and Iamsu! Spit Hot Fire on ‘It’s Lit’

Roach Gigz

Bay Area rapper Roach Gigz acts as a kind of bridge between the rubbery rap of the the hyphy movement, and the more moody, minimalism of ratchet, or function music, which is slowly but surely taking over the radio right now. Roach’s anthemic raps are catchy and he’s an expert at sketching out a simple effective image in a way that’s just askew enough to still be captivating. Listen here to the weird thrill in his voice as he describes something as simple as driving down the street in a new car. Guest Iamsu! sneaks in with a typically tossed off yet compelling and confident verse. He swirls his nice guy voice around the instrumental, becoming more in concert with the drums as he goes along. Producer Nima Fadavi (Andre Nickatina, Berner, Fashawn) begins with piano, and then adds the hissing slaps and claps of the Bay’s rap, making a beat that sounds like a partial riff on DJ Mustard productions such as 2 Chainz’s “I’m Different,” and also, a continuation of the tradition of Mac Dre’s menacing fun.

“It’s Lit” appears on Roach Gigz’s upcoming mixtape Roachy Balboa 3, out on July 25, but you can hear the song below, right now.