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Ringo Starr Wants You to Share ‘Peace and Love’ With an Unshareable Video

Ringo Starr Birthday Peace Love Video Message

Dear “everyone everywhere,” former Beatle and full-time octopus-under-the-sea Ringo Starr would like to share his birthday with you. On July 7, the rock legend will turn 73 and as he is wont to do each year, he’s requesting that we all take “a moment of peace and love” in order to mark the occasion. Via the Official Ringo Starr Site, the drummer would like this moment to happen at exactly noon in whichever time zone you’re already in.

Mr. Starr also invites us to “post and share” his own good tidings in video form, except he’s given the world a clip that cannot be embedded. A riddle, perhaps? Nay — just a general misunderstanding of how the internet works. It’s cool. We’ll describe it for you. The thing opens with a red title card and a very catchy name: “RINGO 07.07.13 BIRTHDAY MESSAGE.” Then we find the goofball in his garden surrounded by lawn ornaments. He speaks: 

“Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, yes!” he begins. “It’s Ringo. Peace and love, peace and love. You know it’s that time again, next Sunday, the seventh day of the seventh month, my birthday.” He savors this last word, lets it linger. “And I ask you one more time, at noon, wherever you are if you could please go, ‘Peace and love, peace and love, peace and love,’ wherever you are at noon, that will be great. Thank you and good night!”

Oh, and he was wearing a silly hat, but you already knew that, didn’t you?