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Millionaire Rihanna Must Somehow Come Up With $47,050 for Missing Court Dates

Rihanna, fined, court, appearances

Rihanna can probably afford to miss a few civil court dates. A recent Forbes list of the top-earning celebrities under 30 put the singer at No. 5, estimating that she raked in $43 million between June 2012 and June 2013. Now, as TMZ reports, Rihanna is being fined “a LOT of money” — well, actually just $47,050.

Sure, that amount might be just shy of the typical household income in the United States. But it’s less than half what Rihanna earns in a single day, at least as far as you want to trust Forbes‘ figures. Unapologetic? Yeah, we think so —the record did just become her sixth album to go platinum.

The reasons for the $47,050 slap on the “S&M” singer’s wrist are, frankly, not very exciting. Rihanna sued her former accountants (stay with us!), asking for millions of dollars because they allegedly handled her finances poorly. The accountants, because this is how it works, sued Rihanna back, and she has consistently missed appointments to sit and be deposed for their counter-lawsuit. The accountants claimed Rihanna should have to pay for their time and trouble, and the judge reached the same conclusion. Hence the fine.

Rihanna can’t just keep blowing off her former accountants’ lawsuit countering her lawsuit because it’s boring, though. If she doesn’t make her appointment on August 28, the judge reportedly warns he might throw out her original lawsuit. Lil Wayne might be able to give her some advice about handling ridiculous depositions. Or Rihanna could just send her latest wax figure.