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Psychic Teens Stream ‘H#TE’ With a Side of Filthy Post-Punk

Philly grit-lovers prep a second LP dubbed 'Come' for August

Philly post-punk outfit Psychic Teens churn out black, bilious rock that owes as much to the gloomy atmospheres of Joy Division as to the gothic clang of Christian Death. The trio who, despite the handle, bill themselves as “regular adults” are prepping their second album Come for an August 13, um, release on SRA Records. In honor of the occasion, Joe, Dave, and Larry have shared the particularly thick “H#TE,” which we kinda-sorta hope is a dis track aimed at Mariah Carey and Miguel for slapping a hashtag on their summer hit “Beautiful.” Of course, that’s like not the case — this nasty track is about as far away from Top 40 as you can get, but that doesn’t mean it can’t soundtrack your seasonal recreations (so long as they involve drinking cheap beer, visiting graveyards and, like, spitting a lot). Stream this dirty punker below, and visit Psychic Teens on Bandcamp to hear another Come standout, “RIP.”