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The Pixies Release Alternate, Redundant ‘Bagboy’ Video

Pixies, "Bagboy," alternate video

The Pixies built a towering alt-rock reputation through their influence exceeding their popular recognition, but as the Boston-born band previews new material ahead of a career-spanning world tour, that formula is increasingly in danger of being flipped. On June 28, a couple of weeks after bassist (and Breeders leader) Kim Deal announced she had quit the band, the Pixies shared their first new song in nine years, the declamatory stomper “Bagboy.” Accompanied by a video following a supremely twisted young man, the song sounded like it would fit smoothly into a live set, but it hardly felt like a reason for a Deal-less band to break a near-decade silence.

Now Rolling Stone has posted a second video for “Bagboy,” this one a shadowy, mostly animated clip by Kestrel Media that draws inspiration from a work by longtime 4AD album cover art designer Vaughan Oliver. Pixies frontman Black Francis told RS: “We didn’t set out to have two music videos for ‘Bagboy,’ but once we saw both of these, we knew we didn’t want to use just one. They’re so good, so creative, and each in its own way, and both made by up-and-coming filmmakers.” It’s artfully executed and all, but really? Repeating yourselves so soon?