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A-Trak Daft Punk-ifies Phoenix on ‘Trying to Be Cool’ Remix

Phoenix A-Trak 'Trying to Be Cool' Remix Bankrupt

SPIN cover stars Phoenix aren’t exactly in need of the remix treatment. Their April album Bankrupt! is an excellent and engrossing listen already, and it’s not like they can’t inspire people to shake a leg (via “Lisztomania” meets Breakfast Club). But as our own David Bevan notes in his review, their latest songs mark a change for the French indie-pop act in that they feel “open to interpretation, hinting at conflict.” Leave it to feel-good viber A-Trak to convert that unease into electro-disco bliss.

Fresh off of his hilarious new Duck Sauce video (“It’s You”) and also that one where he bounces balls all by himself (“Jumbo”), the DJ/producer has slyly converted Phoenix’s “Trying to Be Cool” into a dance floor killer, which, probably not by accident, would dovetail out of a Daft Punk jam quite nicely. It may not be the thrill-ride that his “Piss Test” posse cut was, but it’s a breezy late-night delight nonetheless. Listen over at Rolling Stone, and revisit Dirty Projectors’ clap-along version of “Entertainment.”