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Watch No Age Debut Sober ‘I Won’t Be Your Generator’

no age, i won't be your generator, an object

Last month, No Age went public with two cuts off their upcoming “uncomfortable” album, An Object, and now there’s live footage of a third. While performing at the Best Kept Secret Festival in the Netherlands in June, Dean Spunt and Randy Randall debuted “I Won’t Be Your Generator,” a sedate slice of ambient punk slated for the Los Angeles duo’s August 20 LP. Unlike previously heard burners “No Ground” and “C’mon Stimmung,” this latest track barely moves past its initial inertia. Spunt repeatedly deadpans that he won’t be your generator, but he delivers the titular line as a conversation-ender, not a riot-starter. Watch the black-and-white clip, which also includes a performance of “No Ground,” above.