Nicolas Jaar’s New ‘Other People’ Label Includes the Same People From His Old Label

Nicolas Jaar Clown Sunset Other People Trust Compilation

House music upsetter Nicolas Jaar is launching a brand new label — sort of. According to RA, Other People will kick things off with a showcase compilation dubbed Trust on September 2, but the lineup of artists amassed for the set look suspiciously similar to those who’ve been releasing music through the American-Chilean producer’s Clown & Sunset imprint. Presumably, the latter label is being folded, though it’s unclear as to why Jaar felt the need to rebrand. 

Nikita Quasim is still in the mix, alongside his Darkside compatriot Dave Harrington, Acid Pauli (who we’d like to imagine is Pauly P on LSD), Valentin Stip, Will Epstein, and, of course, Jaar. The man caught a little extra crossover shine this year thanks to a Record Store Day rarity compiling his remixes of songs by Grizzly Bear and Brian Eno. Darkside also took an amibitious stab at remixing the entirety of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories

Other People, Trust track list:

1. Will Epstein – “Trust I
2. Nikita Quasim – “The Way I Felt Today
3. My Girl & Me – “Always Back To You
4. Quentin Pistol – “Qè
5. David Terranova – “Kinq
6. High Water – “Railroad Song
7. Benjha – “Gravity
8. Acid Pauli – “The Gap And The Grip
9. Triangleline – “Chronon And Echo
10. Valentin Stip – “Temple
11. Nicolas Jaar – “Break My Love
12. Dave Harrington Remix Feat. Tamara – “Why Didn’t You Save Me”
13. Will Epstein – “Trust II”


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