Mount Kimbie and King Krule Explore Suburban Angst in ‘You Took Your Time’ Video

Mount Kimbie King Krule 'You Took Your Time' Video

Mount Kimbie’s excellent team-up with King Krule now has a gorgeous video treatment. Swedish director Marcus Söderlund (the xx’s “VHS”) traveled to the ‘burbs outside of London to capture the entrancing imagery for “You Took Your Time.” The clip indeed does exactly that, following a series of characters as they make moves to exit their particular trap (not to be confused with the trap, of course) both literally and figuratively. “I was born to be exposed in the storm and held warm,” sing-raps Krule as the soulful beat rattles forward. In speaking to Nowness, Söderlund explained his motivation: “Where should we escape when we have no place to go? In a more equal society, the suburbs wouldn’t be places you have to leave.” The black-and-white treatment allows us time to linger over the details of the ambient ennui. Even the fantastic burning of a car seems somehow mundane in this context.


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