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Miley Cyrus’ ‘We Can’t Stop’ Director’s Cut Is Pointless, Still Dumb

Miley Cyrus 'We Can't Stop' Video

Perhaps in an effort to shake off the stink of CollegeHumor’s staring-deep-into-the-void, no-sound version of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” video, the pop star and her label have released a director’s cut of the now-infamous clip. The new version is no more salacious than the original, adding in footage of a living room performance and one shot where Miley lifts her tank top to reveal — you guessed it — a white tee. Questionable cultural appropriation is provocative enough for her, it seems.

Director Diane Martel is also the woman behind the equally infamous Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” the unrated version of which is one of the most controversial videos of the year. Though Miley kept it decidedly PG-13 here, she did recently bare all on a new Marc Jacobs t-shirt for charity (and to guarantee that the public was still paying attention to her).