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Miley Cyrus, Put Your Damn Clothes Back On

Miley Cyrus nude naked shirt protect your skin

In case you didn’t notice, Miley Cyrus isn’t afraid to show a little skin now and again (and again and again). But hey, it’s her body, and she can do what she wants now that she’s not 15 years old. This time, it seems, she wanted to get naked for a good cause — but maybe also just ’cause — Marc Jacobs’ Protect the Skin You’re In charity campaign, which raises money the New York University Skin Cancer Institute.

Like Rufus Wainwright, Heidi Klum, Dita Von Teese and, um, Eric Cartman before her, the 20-year-old singer stripped down to pose for a photo that will appear on T-shirts that sell for $35, which is a real bargain compared to Kanye West’s $120 plain white tee. “Check out my @MarcJacobsIntl #ProtectTheSkinYoureIn tee???We gonna save alot of lives #marcfam,” Cyrus tweeted before posting the image of the shirt seen above.

We’re not sure how the shirts feel, but it’s going to be very uncomfortable when we see creepy dudes like this donning them. Speaking of, CollegeHumor recently took Miley’s bizarro “We Can’t Stop” video and removed all the music from it, letting you feel just how uncomfortable it would be to be on that set with no music playing. Check it out below, if you want to hear what twerking actually sounds like. It’s basically an anti-molly PSA.