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See Mike G Get Carjacked by Left Brain in the Internet’s ‘Lincoln’ Video

Mike G the Internet 'Lincoln' Video Purple Naked Ladies

Mike G isn’t the showiest member of Odd Future, but it’s the quiet ones you’ve got to keep an eye on. With a low-key but workmanlike flow, his verses creep on the listener — favorites that reveal themselves upon the fourth listen, often packed with clever quotables. One of his more memorable cameos was on “Lincoln,” an addition to Purple Naked Ladies, the debut LP from OFWGKTA spin-off, the Internet (Syd the Kid and Matt Martians). The man brings his typical swagger to the playful soul groove, bragging about his stable of “pretty bitches with gold grills just to roll my joints.”

MellowHype member Left Brain lends a production assist and appears in the brand new video for the track. The clip, directed by Rob Haffey and Etienne Maurice, tells the tale of a young player (Mike) who finds himself in too deep after he steals the heart of a young woman affiliated with an established badass played by Left. Ride in G’s “Lincoln” above.