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Migos Mania: The 40 Most Fascinating ‘Versace’ Remixes

Atlanta trio Migos’ notoriety got meteoric when Drake jumped on a remix of their track “Versace.” But typical of the way rap works, that was only the beginning; soon it was a remix free-for-all. After a weekend spent scouring every nook and cranny of Soundcloud, YouTube, etc. and listening to approximately 200 remixes/refixes/edits/bootlegs of “Versace,” here are the 40 most interesting makeovers (and/or trainwrecks), with each track ranked from “1” to “10.” As is often the case in this baffling anything-goes Internet era, the worst or most bizarre examples of a trend are also, in their own weird way, the most successful. Or at least the most entertaining. So, if your favorite regional rapper’s take on the track, or your buddy’s bro-step mash-up isn’t included, no hard feelings. Maybe it just didn’t suck spectacularly enough, ya know?