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Mac DeMarco Celebrates Swayze in ‘Young Blood’ Video

Mac DeMarco

Last week, Mac DeMarco unveiled “Young Blood,” a lo-fi mumbler inspired by the 1986 Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe hockey movie of the same name. Recorded for Adult Swim’s Summer Singles Program, the song will be available for free download later today, but in the meantime, you can watch DeMarco perform an acoustic rendition of it, sitting in a park and offering running commentary as he plays.

“My friend Jon Lent visited me in Montreal last summer, my apartment was very hot, so we went to Walmart and bought two fans,” DeMarco said, explainging the song’s origin. “To celebrate cooling down, we ordered a pepperoni pizza, and watched the movie Youngblood with Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe. Some time after the movie finished, we flipped on the four track, and the song came out.”

Before playing the song, the Canadian rocker explains his love of Swayze, who filmed one of his last movies, Christmas in Wonderland, at a mall in the rocker’s hometown of West Edmonton before dying of cancer in 2009. “I miss the guy,” DeMarco says. “Beautiful man. He had the main mane, man. It was a dirty hairstyle. It was sick. Strong hair. Strong muscles. Sad he had to go out like that, but God bless you, Patrick. Bless your soul.”

Check out the video above and try not to laugh during DeMarco’s sloppy imitation of a sports announcer during the interlude.