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Loden and Doseone Release ‘Future Confetti,’ a Bursting Bag of Psych-Rap Righteousness


Belgian-based producer Loden is known for his lush but light touch. The man born Jolan Koks imbues his beats with rich melody and airy atmosphere, making for a challenging but rewarding canvas for any vocalist brave enough to give collaboration a shot. Thankfully, this guy knows a lot of talented people. His forthcoming fourth album The Star-Eyed Condition will feature contributions from Busdriver, Sole, Open Mike Eagle, Ceschi, and Joëlle Lê (Greetings From Tuskan) — artists blessed with elastic vocals and/or minds.

Among the highlights from the August 20 set, due via Circle Into Square, is “Future Confetti With Doseone,” a beautiful foray into electronic psychedelia that features the versatile song-speak of that titular star, who pioneered this sort of thing with cLOUDDEAD, Themselves, Subtle, and the greater Anticon collective. Loden’s touch is undeniable (is that a rope slapping a flagpole that we hear?) while Dose leads us on a journey through tribal chant, personal poetry, and melodic fast-rap. Full track list after the stream.

Loden, The Star-Eyed Condition track list:

1. “An Evening With Open Mike Eagle”
2. “From the Road We Saw Orange Number Three”
3. “About Busdriver With Colors”
4. “Sanesserarian”
5. “Ceschi Is Seeing Straight”
6. “Joëlle‘s Rêve”
7. “Seneca Guns”
8. “Future Confetti With Doseone”
9. “Optimist Never Cries”
10. “Zachtjes”
11. “A Letter to a Future Kid From Sole”