Lindstrom Inspires Norwegian Girls to Geek Out in ‘Vos-sako-rv’ Video

Lindstrom "Vos-sako-rv" Smallhans Video

Hans-Peter Lindstrøm flipped the usual release formula last year when he let out two albums within mere months of one another — the space-jazz odyssey Six Cups of Rebel and the leaner Kraut-powered Smallhans — and then sorta sat back and let them do their thing. The tactic has worked. Instead of preloading the stage with hype-building extras, the man let the music speak for itself (and speak it did, landing on our Best Albums of 2012 list) and has subsequently blessed us with all of the remixes, covers and, now, videos that we could ever want. Above you’ll find the Kristoffer Borgli-directed clip for “V?s-s?k?-rv,” which hails from the second of the two albums. Dubbed “Real Life Exp.,” the short follows two young Norwegian girls as they read aloud, practice harmonies, dance to the track in real time, and throw things into a swimming pool. It’s playful, weird, and ends all too soon, much like the song itself.


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