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The Knife Dig Up ‘Deep Cuts’ for Vinyl Reissue Campaign

the knife, deep cuts, reissue

The Knife recently landed on SPIN’s list of the 40 Best Albums of 2013 So Far thanks to Essential fourth studio LP Shaking the Habitual. Now, while they’re in the midst of a truly bizarre tour, the Swedish electro-pop masterminds are planning to revisit their early work via a pair of vinyl reissues. On August 27, Artist Intel will re-release the duo’s first two full-lengths: 2001’s self-titled (and mostly slept-on) debut and 2003’s Deep Cuts, a.k.a. the one with “Heartbeats” (via Exclaim!).

Originally put out on CD by Sweden’s Rabid Records, The Knife was later made available in North America by Mute and in the U.K. by Brille. This upcoming edition will be the 11-track record’s first-ever vinyl pressing. As for Deep Cuts, that 14-song collection wasn’t officially out in North America until 2006, three years after it first dropped. Brille distributed a double-LP version across the pond, but the Knife’s second album has never been sold on wax in North America (until now, of course). Unfortunately, it looks like neither reissue will come with any extras or bonus material (via Fact). 

Meanwhile, the Knife’s Karin Dreijer-Anderson and Olof Dreijer are plotting a 12-inch single release for Shaking the Habitual stunner “A Tooth for an Eye.” That disc arrives on July 23 via Mute. Until then, relive 10 days of perfect tunes, the colors red and blue:


The Knife track list: 

1. “Neon”
2. “Lasagna” 
3. “Kino” 
4. “I Just Had to Die” 
5. “I Take Time” 
6. “Parade” 
7. “Zapata” 
8. “Bird” 
9. “N.Y. Hotel” 
10. “A Lung” 
11. “Reindeer” 

Deep Cuts track list: 

1. “Heartbeats” 
2. “Girls’ Night Out” 
3. “Pass This On” 
4. “One for You” 
5. “The Cop” 
6. “Listen Now” 
7. “She’s Having a Baby” 
8. “You Take My Breath Away” 
9. “Rock Classics” 
10. “Is It Medicine” 
11. “You Make Me Like Charity” 
12. “Got 2 Let U” 
13. “Behind the Bushes” 
14. “Hangin’ Out”