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Julian Lynch’s Dog Friends Find Transcendent Bliss in ‘North Line’ Video

Julian Lynch 'North Line' Video Dogs Lines

Having a bad day? Let man’s best friend lend a paw. The new video for Julian Lynch’s “North Line” features a cast of canines enjoying the afternoon air from the open window of a moving vehicle. Director Richard Law fades in and out of dog after dog, but each is gripped with what we humans could only identify as true and absolute transcendental bliss. The song itself is a pint-sized folk reverie that feels a bit like the aural equivalent of a sunrise. Those blinding bits of light shine through as well, in the post-rock adjacent moments where all that reverbing strum picks up bitter resonance. Like the hushed-but-pretty “Gloves” before it, “North Line” hails from Lynch’s Lines album, out earlier this year on Underwater Peoples. We spoke with the one-man band about making the record back in December.