Julia Holter Gets Theatrical for Old-Timey ‘In the Green Wild’ Video

Julia Holter In the Green Wild Video Loud City Song

Los Angeles’ leading avant garde songbird Julia Holter returns on August 20 with Loud City Song, her first album for Domino Records and her third full-length set in as many years. This will also be her inaugural studio affair and the music shows it — in May we heard the starkly tense “World,” powered by beautifully recorded strings and voice alone. Now we have a new song to consider and it’s just as impressive, albeit in an opposite way.

“In the Green Wild” is busy and brimming with ideas, following the album’s protagonist as she leaves behind her city life for the woods, a place that enchants in its own way. Musically, the song is imbued with a similar magic, initially propelled by playful standup bass and eventually cresting in a lush tide of orchestration and melodic ease.

Above, you’ll find the Yelena Zhelezov-directed video, which follows the movements of a group of fancy folk in old-timey garb as they play parlor games and prepare for a performance. But by the short’s end, it seems that the theater extended beyond the edge of the stage. Holter is on the road deep into August.


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