Watch Ghost B.C.’s Nameless Ghoul Give an Incredibly Polite Interview

Ghost B.C. Video Interview Nameless Ghoul
(Photo by Photo by Getty Images)

So it turns out nameless ghouls are completely reasonable people if you just talk to them. Swedish doom-metal destroyers Ghost B.C. are known for their unknown personnel. Though fronted by the one and only Papa Emeritus II, the rest of the band is made up entirely of “nameless ghouls” — guitar goblins, drum demons, and bass beasts. Anonymous though they may be, these damaged souls are apparently allowed to give interviews, as England’s Mike James Rock Show has corned one for the clip above. Speaking to the interviewer at the U.K.’s Download Festival, the ghoul is exceedingly polite and endearingly awkward. He comments on the “fine weather,” refers to the group’s tour as “very rewarding,” and praises the “many different flavors” of the European continent. He also cops to wishing he was Spiderman.

Ghost B.C.’s custom dildo and butt-plug set is still available, in case you were wondering.


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