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Franz Ferdinand Take ‘Right Action’ Out for the Right, Retro-Themed Video

'Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action' clip reunites band with director behind the video for their biggest hit

Franz Ferdinand are coming correct. The first two tracks we’ve heard from the peppy Scottish post-punks’ first album four years — Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, due out August 27 via Domino Records — are sharp, melodic, and aimed for the same dance floors as their 2004 self-titled debut album’s hits like “Michael.” The video for one of those songs, near-title track “Right Action,” brings the Archdukes of Glasgow back together with Jonas Odell, who directed the video for the debut’s smash “Take Me Out.” Once again, the new one is a mix of animation and live action, though this time nodding less to the ’30s than to the ’60s. It’s a sleek, unfussy, and entertaining video for a sleek, unfussy, and entertaining song. These descendents of indie-pop icons Orange Juice may do it differently than, say, Daft Punk and Panda Bear, but their definitions of “Doing It Right” must be about the same.

Franz Ferdinand also performed last night with Beck in London. Watch them play their new material live here.